The business model of Fill-the-container stems from the fact that we found a sore spot in the market.

As all known that “Made in China” is synonymous with good quality and low price. But if you do come to China to make a purchase, the MOQ demanded by the company or factory you come across will be the biggest block. For independent retailers, the giant MOQ is a mountain to climb. As a result, independent retailers have had to turn to local wholesalers and accept high procurement costs without an alternative way.

At the same time, long time OEM orders along with no brands or pricing power enforced Chinese manufactures to upgrade and transform, they are actively creating their own brand and keen to get them on the shelves of overseas markets.

According to the actual needs of both side, Fill-the-container creatively designed a solution that allows retailers to order small quantities from China, but also introduces manufacturers’ brand access overseas markets directly based on IT technology.

Currently, we work with more than 500 Chinese manufacturers, over 12,000 items stored in our warehouse, meanwhile serve more than 500 independent retailers, beyond 1,000 containers are shipped from our warehouse each year.


16 categories of products more than 12000 SKUs, FTC have a complete range of categories of products, which basically covers almost products that are needed by general hardware stores. Therefore, FTC can provide a professional one-stop purchasing service for our valued clients.

We implement strict quality control standards for products. On the one hand, we only cooperate with well-reputed manufacturers, which essentially guarantees the stable quality of our products. We maintain long-term cooperation and a win-win relationship with the factory. On the other hand, before the products are put into our warehouse, we will carry out strict quality inspections on it for ensuring that any product sent from our warehouse has no quality problems. And most of the products have passed the necessary certification of related industries.

All products provided on the FTC platform have standard packaging suitable for retail RESALE. Moreover, our product packaging is in English-Spanish, and almost all have barcodes, which are very suitable for the independent retailers' sales model. We understand that proper packaging is very important for independent retailers.

FTC pay great attention to the integrity of the product series. We offer not only those popular specifications but also relatively unpopular ones. At the same time, we will provide prospective products in accordance with the needs of the local market. And these products absolutely will meet the relevant local regulatory requirements.  We tailor-made MERCHANDISING solutions for cooperative brands to make the retailer’s store look more beautiful and professional. Additionally, we can assist our clients to establish the right merchandising strategy to make their store more beautiful and professional for helping customers increase sales and performance.


China entered the WTO in the year 2001 and became a member of the international division of labor. After nearly 20 years of development, China has become the country with the most comprehensive industry and the most developed supply chain system in the world, and is known as the "world factory".

After providing OEM services for international brands for a long time, Chinese manufacturers get strong manufacturing capabilities, product knowledge, marketing experience, and service awareness. After these manufacturers grow up, they are not willing to hide behind the scenes. They hope to build and promote their own brands.

Currently, FTC is cooperating directly with more than 500 professional suppliers. FTC is familiar with the international market and can assist factories to create or optimize their brands to fully meet global market requirements. Correspondingly, these professional suppliers put their own-brand products into the FTC warehouse for consignment. Perhaps the scale of professional suppliers here is not very large, but they are all manufacturing experts in each segment of the product lines. And they also fabricate products for many famous brands.

Here are a few examples
With more than 30 years of industry experience, CIC is a factory specializing in the manufacture of the paintbrush, producing 30 million paintbrushes every year. CIC provides OEM products for many famous brands, such as HARRIS, SUPERCRAFT, UNIPRO, etc. CIC is their own brand, and there are more than 50 SKUs of the paintbrush of CIC on the FTC platform.

With more than 23 years of industry experience, BOLOSSOM is a factory specializing in the manufacture of the padlock, producing more than 15 million padlocks every year. BOLOSSOM provides OEM products for many famous brands, such as MASTERLOCK, GLOBAL, ZENITH, etc. On the FTC platform, you can find 34 varieties of BOLOSSOM products.

With more than 15 years of industry experience, UNITED POWER is a factory specializing in the manufacture of the portable gasoline generator, producing more than 2 million generators every year. UNITED POWER OEM for GM, STANLEY, ROYBI, etc. On the FTC platform, you can find 15 varieties of UNITED POWER products.

There are many examples like this. The product price on the FTC platform is directly priced by Chinese factories, while FTC only charges corresponding service fees. We believe that FTC’s business model determines the competitiveness of the price.


Since 2012, FTC has been cooperating with hundreds of retailer customers, let us listen to what our customers say about FTC.
Mr. Lewis Boulton

A comprehensive range of products at competitive pricing, knowledgeable support staff, ensure timely processing of orders and exploring/expanding ranges is made easier.

Mr. Charlie Huang
International Buyer / LEON HARDWARE – PNG

When our company transformed from a department store into a hardware & building material store, to be honest, we lacked relevant product information. Fortunately, we met FTC. They have sound industry knowledge. They helped us planning the store and carrying out the pre-distribution, and gave us strong support and confidence. Now, with 12 branches, we are the largest hardware and building materials store in the local. We have been cooperating with FTC and we believe this cooperation will continue because we are very satisfied with each other.

Mr. Shane Rybaov
Store Owner / Mega Tools Shop – POLAND

As a small tool store, we have been purchasing from local suppliers until one day, a representative of Fill-the-container walked into my store and asked me if I would be interested in directly importing products from China. This is how our cooperation began. I want to say that everything is satisfactory, without FTC, I don’t think I would take this step at all.

Mr. Tim Sonnatag

Since 2008, I have planned to purchase directly from China to reduce procurement costs, but when I went to the China Fair to negotiate with Chinese manufacturers, they all told me that I needed to order an entire container, and each product had MOQ, otherwise, the factory could not produce it, which made me very frustrated. Fill-the-container creatively came up with a way to pack more than 300 SKUs of products in one container, so that we can enrich our store with less money. What's even more incredible is that the price provided by FTC is very reasonable, and their service is also top-notch.

Mr. William Wang

Fill-the-container gave me huge support when I just started my own business 5 years ago. The team is also very helpful and they truly understand hardware & building retailer business. I think I look on them not just business partner, but friends as well. I trust this company and its team. They are good guys.

Mr. Helios Cook

As independent store, we can not afford to order 2000pcs each SKU one time. Fill-the-container offer us one carton MOQ for every SKU. This makes it possible for us import from China directly. We saved a lot money since we start to import from China. It’s amazing experience for us.

Mr. Leighton Shearer

Partnering with Fill-the-Container has been a fantastic decision for our business. A comprehensive range, reasonable MOQs, good quality products and fantastic pricing. All of this with an easy to use online ordering system has made this partnership a win-win for us all. Our partnership and their great service has set us up well for a successful future


  • 1P: What's the FTC business cooperation and ordering process?

    R: First, the customer applies for an account online (here is the link). The customer needs to fill in some basic information forms. FTC will carefully review each application form and set up account information for the customer. At the same time, our business representatives will communicate with the customer in time. After having an account of our online ordering system, the customer can start the way of ordering.

  • 2P: How long will be the order leading time?

    R: Generally speaking, the goods can be prepared and shipped within 3 weeks after the customer confirms the order, but this also depends on factors such as inventory quantity and shipping schedules.

  • 3P: How does FTC guarantee the quality of products and what standard do the products implement?

    R: First of all, FTC only cooperates with well-reputed and professional manufacturers. Secondly, before the products are put into our warehouse, we will carry out strict quality inspections on it, and we ensure that all products meet the regulatory and certification requirements of the local market. We promise a one-year guarantee period for quality. If the customer receives a product with quality problems, FTC will be responsible for returning and replacing the product within one year.

  • 4P: How does FTC offer competitive prices?

    R: The price on the platform is directly priced by Chinese factories. In other words, retail customers actually purchase directly from Chinese factories, while FTC only charges corresponding service fees. We believe that FTC’s business model determines the competitiveness of the price. For more details, please refer to FTC BUSINESS MODEL

  • 5P: What is the payment item of FTC?

    R: Our standard payment item is 30% deposit and 70% payment upon seeing the copy of the bill of lading. We are also cooperating with insurance companies such as Sinosure to implement more flexible payment methods.

  • 6P: If I have no experience in importing products from China, can I cooperate with FTC?

    R: FTC have door-to-door supply chain management capability. We can transport the container directly to your backyard, and you just only need to be responsible for opening and unloading it. Truly worry-free, one-stop service.

  • 7P: What if you think the online ordering system is too complicated to use?

    R: Our ordering system is a user-friendly tool and we are very confident in it. We have prepared relevant operations guide about it(links), also we can send our local representatives to come to teach you using it face-to-face. At the same time, we have also prepared a traditional quotation form, please ask for a price list from our sales.

  • 8P: Does FTC accept small bulk orders?

    R: In principle, we do not accept LCL orders. However, if the customer needs to test our product quality and service level, we can accept an LCL order at the beginning of the cooperation.

  • 9P: Through the Internet, I still have doubts about the product style and quality, what should I do?

    R: We cordially welcome all overseas retail customers to come to China for field trips, and we will provide relevant accommodation.

  • 10P: Will FTC develop products based on customer needs?

    R: In principle, we will support, we will listen carefully to the needs of every customer and evaluate related product development requirements. FTC develops many new products every year.


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