Since 2012, Fill-the-container has been committed to be the direct link between factories and retailers of hardware tools and home improvement, exploring a new pattern of effective and convenient sourcing for retailers: Qualified Products, Factory Direct Price but Small MOQ.

Grown up with retailers in islands of South Pacific Ocean, we offered our customers 20 series over 12,000 SKUs products but in one-stop online purchase and delivered through container consolidation. After these years, Fill-the-container has become a stalwart of the industry, but also gained the experience, the friendship, and most importantly shared the implement of business growth of independent stores.

Fill-the-container always strives to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. It is our team who are devastating professionalism development and efficiency management, enlarging product series and strengthen our supply chain management. We are proud to share our passion to be the bridge between factories manufacturers and worldwide retailers by offering great ideas and excellent service. 

According to our business strategy, in 2019 we started our operation for Latin America countries.


In the entire business process of FTC, the warehouse is a particularly important key node, no matter on the physical level or the information level. We can even say that the entire business model of FTC revolves around warehouses.

On the physical level, the warehouse is the place where all products are received and stored. We receive goods, conduct quality inspections, and tally, etc. in the warehouse. At the same time, the warehouse is also the place where we pick, load, and ship according to customer orders.

On the information level, the warehouse is a place to summarize all important information, such as manufacturer information, retailer information, product information, packaging information, inventory information, order information, transportation information, loading information, and so on.

FTC China warehouse is located in Zhejiang Province, adjacent to Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port (the two largest ports in China), with a total area of 15,000 square meters, 3D racking system, fully realized digital management, and the maximum storage capacity is 900 standard containers. Our warehouse is also equipped with the most advanced loading equipment, which can load up to 10 standard containers per day.

Finally, we have a warehouse operation team, which is professional, efficient, and accurate, in terms of receiving, quality inspection, loading, etc. Their hard work, accumulated experience, professional knowledge are the most important guarantees for warehouse operations.


Beyond 1000 square meters SHOWROOM, right in the corner of our warehouse, where you will be able to check out our great range of products and get an intuitive understanding of our products. We cordially welcome all overseas retail customers to come to China for field trips, our sales representative will help you arrange everything and accompany you to visit our warehouse and showroom. We firmly believe that the showroom tour will definitely be very worthwhile for you, especially before you cooperate with us for the first time.


There are many types of HOME IMPROVEMENT-related products, and the procurement operation from more than 10,000 products is heavy and cumbersome, which seriously affects the sourcing progress. In order to improve customer sourcing efficiency, after years of research and development, we have developed an online inquiry and ordering system, which is an exciting innovation. Specifically, this system mainly has the following functions:

QUERY Function
Through this system, users can query all product-related information online: picture, description, packaging, size, price, barcode, packing quantity, etc. Moreover, users share all relevant information updated with FTC, which greatly improves communication efficiency. To make it easier for users to view, this system also supports exporting product catalogs in PDF format.

Ordering Function
This system has a powerful ordering function, in which users can easily select products and realize online orders. It also supports the storage of temporary intention orders, which is convenient for users to complete all order items in installments. For historical order information, the system also has a complete record. At the same time, it also supports online submission of intention orders or export of editable text, which is convenient for users to furthering modify and review.

Data Analysis
The system will automatically calculate the actual volume of the entire order according to the quantity of the product purchased by the user, and tell the user in a percentage that the current order has accounted for the volume ratio of the standard container. This makes it convenient for users to increase or decrease the number of products and truly fulfill FILL THE CONTAINER.

You will find ORDER GUIDE when you login FTC ordering system.  In addition, if you have any questions during the usage, you can contact us or contact your local sales representative.


Over the years our service has been focused on the very one goal, connecting global retailers and Chinese manufactures directly in ways innovative, so that independent stores all over the world may enjoy blossom products with fair price from Chinese factories but only start from 1 carton MOQ purchasing.
Specifically, including points as following,

1. Simplified & Flexible Ordering
As everyone knows, there are tens of thousands of SKUs in hardware & tools, products development and procurement become complicated and troublesome.  The on-line order system what we developed, which ensures our clients arranging purchasing in anytime, turns the sourcing to a convenient and easy job.

2. Factories Direct Sourcing & Price   Only outstanding Chinese manufactures we would cooperate with and been invited to our platform, which offer products qualified and brilliant exactly meet the market. Along with the number of factory manufactures who are keeping long-time partnership with us has exceeded 150 and still rising, the range of products we have are extending steadily.

3. Quality Control & Reliable Supply All products would been offered 1-year warranty, if any quality defect in what you received, we’ll take care of it, make your merchandise risk-free.

4. One Carton MOQ & Container Consolidation MOQ of 1 carton per SKU is accepted, helping our retailers to order as many products as possible in just 1 single container, which means quicker inventory turnover and healthier cash flow. Our experienced warehouse operators can make full use of the container capacity, waste no space leads to the best use of sea freight. The highest record of our clients is 425 SKUs packed into a 20’ container. SHIPPING & DELIVERY All transportation tasks will be supported after placing orders, including container loading, customs clearance, container transportation, import customs clearance at destination port, port-to-door transportation, etc. The whole process services throughout the supply chain management makes it easy to import directly from China, even if you have less experience importing.

5. Professional and Ongoing Team Support  WE, our team who are experienced in the field of Hardware & Tools, not only familiar with the operation of the Chinese supply chain but also well understand the real needs of the market. Additionally, we’d like to learn and grow constantly, face-to-face communication with our team (Chinese staffs and local sales representatives) will be arranged now and then, sharing the business ideas and inspiration, satisfaction of our clients is what we are pursuing always. At the same time, welcome our clients to visit us in China, exploring win-win business and enjoying the partnership.


We firmly believe that the ultimate goal of business is to create a better life, and business exists because of people.

FTC advocates the concept of sustainability, win-win, and common development. In all countries and markets that we have entered, we have done various social commonweal activities to promote the development of local communities together with our retail customers.

We will spend 0.5 percent of our sales on local charities with our retail customers. These retail customers can put forward relevant proposals taking advantage of well understanding the local situation, FTC leverages its supply chain advantages, then both parties work together to run a charity.

The following are a few related cases.

FTC provided free related products and jointly sold it with SANTO HARDWARE to raise funds for the construction of a local World War II museum. The following is the report link:

FTC uses its own supply chain advantages to purchase many school uniforms and school bags together with relevant Chinese organizations and cooperated with local retailer customer LEON HARDWARE to donate such supplies for teachers and students in a local elementary school.